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Together we WILL succeed!

Assemblywoman Gunther And Senator Gallivan introduce
  A8021 & S5817 

Legislation has been introduced in both chambers which would move the crossbow from the Muzzleloader Privilege to the Bow Privilege, which, eliminate the 200 lb draw weight restriction, allow youth to use a crossbow during the Columbus Day Weekend youth Hunt and allow crossbows to be used for bowfishing.

These bills do not change any season dates, but these changes are necessary to correct issues that surround the present crossbow language.

With the Legislative Session scheduled to end on June 17th, we have but 7 session days for everyone to reach out to the their perspective legislators and ask them to request their leadership bring these bills to the floor for a vote.

Please take the time to contact your legislators offices by phone, email and even consider writing a letter requesting action on these bills. It was through the diligence of you, our membership, that the crossbow was legalized last year. It is now time to once again rise to the occasion and make those contacts. Not just once, but every day until the 17th. Through everyone acting together we can and will be heard once again. 

Who Are My Legislators?

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Follow these links, insert your 911 physical address to find out and get their contact information.

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Important Legislative Alert!


Your help is needed!

Please read the alert and contact your legislators as well as those listed in the alert.

Nothing is easy, this will take the unified effort of everyone to bring these bills to the floor for a vote.

Nothing is impossible.


Together WE Will SUCCEED!





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